HTML Encoder

Welcome to the HTML Encoder. This form will allow you to encode your HTML Source Code transforming it into code that is difficult to read because of the use of escaped characters.

Copy your HTML source code and paste it into the text area below then click 'Encode', then click 'Select' to highlight and the code can then be copied and used to replace your source code. You can also paste encoded source code into the text area and decode it, but this will only work if it was generated using this form.

I would recommend that you only use this encoding for sections of your code because of the increased file sizes.

The resulting code can be read and used correctly by the browser but will hopefully put off all those nasty thieves when they try to view your source code! Given enough patience, however, it is not that difficult to decipher - so don't rely on it too much. Personally, I don't mind too much when people steal my code - it's how I got a lot of my stuff in the first place...

Enter Source Code: 
Credit:  Svetlin Staev  

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