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Cadillac, the standard of the world

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Palm Tree Guide - palms from around the world

Alexander Palm

Areca Palm

Bismarck Palm

Blue Hesper Palm

Canary Island Date Palm

Chinese Fan Palm

Christmas Palm

Chusan Palm

Coconut Palm

Edible Date Palm

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Fishtail Palm

Foxtail Palm

Guadalupe Palm

Indian Date Palm

Majestic Palm

Montgomery Palm

Paurotis Palm

Pigmy Date Palm

Pindo or Jelly Palm

Queen Palm

Senegal Date Palm

Royal Palm

Mexican Palmetto

Dwarf Palmetto

Sabal Palm

Sylvester Palm

Tiger Palm

Triangle Palm

Washington Palm

Sago Palm

Travellers Palm

Palaeogeographical Map of the world

Hardiness Zone Map

Collection of photographs, old and new

My old family photo album

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Photo Gallery Three

A small collection of old photographs of Cowplain

Some garden pictures

Spring Cottage

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English Tomato Relish

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Vanessa's Chicken Curry

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Best Rum Cake Ever


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