• More HTML Goodies •

  Here are some sites that I have found useful,
I hope they will be of use to you,
have fun......
  These are a couple of the first sites I found that introduced me to html coding. They are basic tutorials and are wonderfull introductions to the crazy and slightly geeky world that is the world wide web.  
web tutorials for beginers HTML goodies
  Also some books that always come in handy:  
Teach yourself HTML publishing on the world wide web by Macbride
html:  publishing on the www  

Mac Bride
HTML for the www by Elizabeth Castro
HTML for the world wide web

Elizabeth Castro
PHP for the www by Larry Ullman
PHP for the World Wide Web

Larry Ullman
Designing without tables by Dan Shafer
Designing without tables

Dan Shafer
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  • Validate your html source code at the the W3C  
  • Validate your CSS at the the W3C  
  • Validate your robots.txt file at searchengineworld.com  
  • Get Web Server Header Information  
Anything I can help with? email me
• HTML/CSS Course from sandwil.beigetower.org
• Web design from www.web-source.net
• Forms from www.employees.org
• Some CSS basics from www.wpdfd.com
• Making lists using CSS from css.maxdesign.com
• Using page transitions from www.webdevelopersjournal.com
• Handy collection of java scripts from www.pageresource.com
• Free java scripts and tutorials from javascript.internet.com
• More free java scripts from javascriptsearch.com
• Generate browser icons for free from www.html-kit.com
• Flash, clipart and more from www.templatemonster.com
• Free Flash Designs from www.goodwebdesigner.com
• Free Image Rendering from www.cooltext.com
• Flash intros, templates etc from www.boxedart.com
• DHTML and javascripts from simplythebest.net
• Learn Perl from scratch with a set of courses from John Pollock
• Fantastic script resources from www.dynamicdrive.com
• Standard Server Variables from www.the-eggman.com
• Template.eu is the template store for designers and webmasters

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