Scrollbar CSS Code generator

Before you start, customised scrollbar designs will only appear in IE5.5 or higher, if you are using, or your visitors, a lower browser version or a different browser, then this code will have no effect. Also, if the css is pasted into the head section of your code, it will only work with html doctypes up to version 4.0. Adding the css to an external stylesheet, however, will make it work for later html versions. So, if you still want to have a go, this is what you do.

Simply decide what colours you want to use for the different parts of the scrollbar, using the colour chart, and paste or type the hex values into the appropriate input fields and press the 'Generate Code' button. Select the generated code by clicking anywhere inside the text box, then you can copy and paste the resulting css into the head section of the source code to your page.

When using the colour chart, in addition to selecting a colour and viewing its code, you can type a code and view its colour. Bear in mind that it is probably best to stick to the colours in the table as they are the 216 websafe colours.


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