Brahea armata


Mexico, Baja California and Sonora

Brahea armata
Conservation Status:-

Not endangered

Sun Requirements:-

Full sun

Water Requirements:-

Medium, drought tolerant when mature

Minimum Temperature:-

-10 Degrees C

Overall Height:-

25-50 feet


10-15 feet


Solitary, 18-20 inches in diameter, texture is patterned with persistent old leaf scars




Costapalmate, blue/grey, up to 5 feet across, petiole has curved thorns and is up to 3 feet long


Small white blooms on multiple branching inflorescences sometimes up to 15 feet long


¾ an inch in diameter, round and shiny dark brown when ripe


Hermaphrodite, self pollinating with one plant

Pests & Diseases:-

Rhynchophorus cruentatus, phytophthora root and bud rot

Seed Germination:-

Easily, between 3-4 months, best with fresh seeds although some 3 year old seeds have been reported to germinate when tried


The name 'Brahea' refers to the 16th Century Danish astronomer, Tycho Brahe.

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