Cocos nucifera


No-one knows for sure but it is believed that this palm originated around the western Pacific, but can now be found throughout the tropical coastlines of the world

Cocos nucifera
Conservation Status:-

Not endangered

Sun Requirements:-

Full sun when mature

Water Requirements:-


Minimum Temperature:-

Only the briefest and lightest of frosts will be tolerated

Overall Height:-

50-80 feet


20-25 feet


Solitary, 10-12 inches in diameter and larger at the base, texture is smooth and ringed with old leaf scars




Pinnate, up to 15-17 feet long and olive green


Creamy white flowers on branching inflorescences, formed from among the leaves


8-10 inches in diameter, oval and yellow-green when ripe


Monoecious, male and female flowers occur on same plant

Pests & Diseases:-

Homaledra sabalella, Oryctes rhinoceros, cadang-cadang and lethal yellowing

Seed Germination:-

2-3 months



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