Ravenala madagascariensis

The Travellers Palm, or Ravenala madagascariensis, is not a palm tree, it is a member of plant family Strelitziaceae. When you take a second look, it is not difficult to see the resemblance this plant has with the bird of paradise and the banana plant - of which it is a relation.



Ravenala madagascariensis
Conservation Status:-

Not endangered

Sun Requirements:-

Full sun to partial shade

Water Requirements:-

Medium to high

Minimum Temperature:-

0 Degrees C

Overall Height:-

20-90 feet


15-20 feet


Subterranean, emerging above ground in adult plants, up to 12 inches in diameter, texture is smooth and ringed with old leaf scars


Banana like, up to 10 feet long and often wind torn giving the appearance of being pinnately divided


Small white flowers on a 12 inch long inflorescence


¾ an inch in diameter, round, brown when ripe


Monoecious, male and female flowers occur on the same plant

Pests & Diseases:-

No major pests or diseases

Seed Germination:-

Easily, up to 3 months



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