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Thank you for visiting and reviewing the privacy policy. This privacy policy is simple: there is no collection of personal information about you when you visit this website unless you choose to provide any such information.

This server collects and saves only the default information normally logged by server software as a result of all visiting traffic. Namely, the pages requested, the number of accesses, the top level domains of our visitors ISP, the date and time, the browser and version, and the way you, the visitor, are referred here.

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For example, your operating system is Windows XP and the browser you are using is MS I.E. 6.0. The date and time you visited this page is Thursday, 18 July, 2024 at 12:46:26 AM.

These logs provide historical data and are analysed on a daily basis to determine the type of traffic demand. Some of this information can be viewed at the visitors page.

If you choose to provide any personal information via email, that information is only used to provide a response to your message.

This site has no artificial additives, flavouring, colouring or funny business of any kind. As regarding the complicated subject of cookies, I prefer chocolate chip and pecan nut ... and sometimes those coconut flavoured ones with the hole in the middle.

This website has links to other websites, when leaving this site to visit one of these other sites, you are subject to the privacy policy of the new site.

There is no copyright protecting any of the files associated with this site which are stored on this server - please feel free to use whatever you want to without my prior permission!

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